Things I’m up to this week// July 28- Aug 3

Things I’m up to this week:

-I’m in the middle of reading Perfume, which contrary to its sugary title is so amazingly creepy. You wouldn’t think a super-sense of smell would lead to murder…
-Working for myself means I’ve tried out many different coffices. My office away from home is Lincoln Station. Today I’m working from the Ace Hotel— it very well may be my favorite place to work. If you like big American flags, taxidermy, and creative meetings abound, make your next coffee meeting here.
-Planning a river tubing trip for the weekend. Lazing down the Delaware is as amazing as it sounds. Bring a refreshing tequila drink to sip on as you float. Pro-tip, take the bus and let someone else do the driving for you. And bring a sweatshirt for the ride home.