June Press Round Up

by nora on July 3, 2018

Summer’s well underway and things have been heating up at Wolf PR—not least of all with NeoCon where we represented Herman Miller’s newest releases and their big announcements about their acquisitions of HAY and Maars Living Walls. Of course, Kikkerland’s also been enjoying its day in the sun, topping of many summer roundups.

With the continued success of Cosm, many new product announcements at NeoCon, and some big corporate news, Herman Miller has been getting plenty of attention. Overlay and Axon, first launched at NeoCon, made it into Architizer. Cosm was featured in Specify, Design Milk, Co.Design, and Snap—which also featured Leeway, a favorite of Azure, too.

Herman Miller’s acquisition of Hay also popped up in Business of Home by Editor at Large.

As usual, Kikkerland made the rounds on and offline, not least of all in Real Simple with their Reusable Garden Markers as part of a garden themed “What We Love.”

April and May Press Round Up

by nora on May 31, 2018

Phew things have been busy! April and May have been a whirlwind with Salone del Mobile and NYCxDESIGN. Thankfully, our clients’ great work has been getting plenty of much-deserved recognition.

In Milan Wolf PR worked with Herman Miller to unveil their brand-new Cosm line of office chairs at their exhibition For You Everyone. Unsurprisingly, Cosm was a hit and landed publication in Interior Design, Architect Magazine, Hypebeast, and others.

We hardly had a moment to breathe, with NYCxDESIGN following up right after Salone. For New York’s more-than-a-week design week we were happy to work again with Wolf PR’s very first client, Still House, for a successful celebration of Pat Kim’s Formations, which appeared in Sight Unseen and Curbed, as well as on Interior Design’s “What not to miss” map (along with new Wolf PR clients Next Level and Resident).

New Zealand furniture designer Resident’s Soho installation Traveling without Bags and the collaboratively curated show Next Level were big hits, appearing on roundups from, among many,  Architectural Digest and The New York Times. Resident also got some great press in publications like Surface and Wallpaper*.

Kikkerland had their own display during NYCxDESIGN, showcasing the winners of their latest design challenge at Wanted Design. They’ve also been getting a lot of summer love for their new collection in publications like House Beautiful and Vogue.

March Press Round Up

by nora on April 3, 2018

While we didn’t welcome in spring quite the way we wanted to this snowy March (and, it seems so far, April) we did get some fresh starts with Wolf PR’s newest client, New Zealand-based furniture brand Resident.

We helped Resident come on to the U.S. scene by scoring them a position in Sight Unseen’s Saturday Selects.


Resident wasn’t the only Sight Unseen feature this past month. Canadian collectible furniture makers Claste also made Saturday Selects the week before, following on the heels of their first U.S. showing and the launch of their new collection, Tension 1.2, at Les Ateliers Courbet in New York.



Kikkerland’s more rugged products made appearances in OFFGRID, the outdoor gear magazine with reviews of their Wood Axe Multi Tool and Key Tools.


Kikkerland also got a bunch of love from Buzzfeed, popping up in lists with products ranging from pencils to playing cards to cold brew makers.


February Press Round Up

by nora on March 22, 2018

Even with only 28 days there was plenty going on in February for Wolf PR—not least of all the Valentine’s Day gift guides. We at Wolf PR, of course, know that Kikkerland makes great homegoods and HGTV seems to agree. The Mozart Kitchen Timer made the list of “20 Beautiful Kitchen Accessories for $20 or Less” and the Felt Bedside Caddy won the title of “Storage All-Star.” screen-shot-2018-03-22-at-2-13-19-pmscreen-shot-2018-03-22-at-2-13-39-pm Meeting with Modern magazine, Nathalie du Pasquier and George Sowden dished about their new collection with ZigZagZurich. They talked color, collaboration, and crisis making for a definite must-read. screen-shot-2018-03-13-at-12-08-52-pm ZigZag also got the spotlight in Hospitality Design. screen-shot-2018-03-22-at-2-18-06-pm One of Wolf PR’s newer clients, Tritan from Eastman has been making waves. The shatterproof, crystal clear, BPA-free plastic has been cropping up in a number of products, especially for the kitchen. For The Inspired Home’s coffee-obsession roundup they recommended the Tritan-based Dash Rapid Cold Brew System as the first step in an indulgent cocktail. 2018-02-iha-coffee-cold-brew-1-resize_57e4efc6c2c8483c900d617ab5b2f2bf And finally, we helped land Wolf PR friend Michala Monroe in the Wall Street Journal’s print and online editions where she reminisced with other design pros on what she loved (and hated) about her family home. wsj_michala-monroe_660  

December Press Round Up

by nora on January 16, 2018

Wolf PR is feeling refreshed and ready for the new year after taking a much needed break. As we gear up for 2018, here’s a look back at our very busy December.

This holiday season Kikkerland was all over gift guides. And with budget (and stocking) friendly products for just about everyone, we can’t say we’re surprised. Some stand outs were Redbook’s feature of the 3D dinosaur puzzle in its under $50 round up, Real Simple’s inclusion of the Unicorn Zip and Flip pillow in its holiday gift guide, and numerous appearances in New York magazine’s The Strategist. We hope Kikkerland brought many lucky recipients some cheer this past December.




ZigZagZurich also popped up on this season’s holiday giving guides. The Konstructiv Wool Blanket made an appearance on Design Milk's "2017 Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has Everything" and the Bauhaused 2 blanket was recommended for “the entertainer” in Organic Spa.


It wasn’t just holiday gifts that Wolf PR clients rounded off the lists of, though. The luminous marble of Claste’s Heart of Gold lamp got a full-page feature in the “Covet” section of “Interiors.” Definitely a covetable position.


November Press Round Up

by nora on November 30, 2017

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and there’s been no shortage of celebration at Wolf PR.

First and foremost, Kikkerland rang in an amazing 25 years! On the advent of this silver anniversary, Format Magazine profiled founder Jan van der Lande, who reflected on the brand’s over two decades of fun and functional design. From humble beginnings bicycling around New York selling friends’ vases to design stores to creating a design that was “more like pop music,” Jan has grown a business and brand whose cleverness inspires smirks the world over.

screen-shot-2017-11-30-at-5-04-52-pmKikkerland’s press presence didn’t stop there, though; their staggering range of products dotted gift guides with everything from selfie lights to Bluetooth speakers to portable grills in publications like InStyle, Goop, Chatelaine, the Los Angeles Times, and many more. The Gold Paper Straws even made an appearance as a seasonal cocktail ingredient, certain to help you get through even the most trying family functions.


Speaking of gift lists, ZigZagZurich’s Kosntructiv wool blanket, designed by creative director Michele Rondelli, made the inimitable New York Times’ own holiday gift guide, and the Guatemala throw made an appearance in the decidedly design critical Architect’s Newspaper. It wasn’t just gift guides that rounded up ZigZagZurich’s striking patterns, though—Surface’s wall covering list featured the Milano pattern designed by CoopDPS, the collaborative project of iconic duo Nathalie du Pasquier and George Sowden.


Stationary aficionados can also rejoice this holiday season, as rave reviews have been coming in for the productivity-focused the Action Method Action Book from The Gentleman Stationer, The Gadgeteer, and Cool Hunting. Elegant and practical, its definitely perfect for a New Years resolution reset after a holiday break.


October Press Round Up

by nora on November 2, 2017

Though winter’s fast approaching, Wolf PR’s designers show no signs of slowing down with features in T, Ravelin, Refinery29, and many others. Here are some of the highlights:


Claste – T Magazine

Even if the air is getting chillier, things were in bloom over at T Magazine. Claste’s How Fragile This Love looked light and airy alongside other clear furnishings for this “Full Transparency” photostory. Looks like millennial pink and blue are here to stay.

EPSON MFP image   ZigZagZurich – Ravelin

“Of all your possessions and all your linens, it’s your bedding that knows you the most intimately,” leads Ravelin’s interview Sunny Todd. Maybe this is why the amazing husband-and-wife duo created all their designs for their ZigZagZurich collaboration by hand — cutting and silk screening colorful patterns that were blown up for linens, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Sunny Todd chatted with Ravelin all about their process, their belief in the analogue in a digital age, and how a bold email landed them their partnership with ZigZagZurich.


Action Method – Refinery29

And, finally, it’s not everyday a planner gets called “sexy.” But we’re glad to hear that some users, like Refinery 29’s Judith Ohikuare, find something “slightly erotic” in Action Method’s clever and elegant Action Book (no shame, Judith, we like it too). Guess it must be the sex appeal that ensured the Action Book made the cut of Refinery29’s “5 Awesome Planners to Help Keep Track of Your Life.”


August & September Press Round up

by nora on November 1, 2017

Two months in one! August and September were exciting and, as always, busy months at Wolf PR. We welcomed two new employees Lauren Glazer and Drew Zeiba. We also added another great client, Action Method whose colorful notebooks are perfect for organizing ideas and inspiring productivity. - Claste – Editor at Large In August, Katy B. Olsen interviewed one of Claste's founding partners, Quinlan Osborne, for a feature in Editor at Large. In the interview Quinlan described Montreal's small design community where everyone knows one another. Over several years Quinlan and the other two founding partners, Martin Poitras and Philip Hazan, collaborated on projects and traveled together to international design fairs before founding Claste. The trio continued to collaborate in their home city, "when we decided to start looking for manufacturers it was obvious to us that all the talent we needed was right here in our own backyard it just needed a little convincing that what we were asking them to do was really just a variation of what they had always done for us, plus they already understood our obsession with details and perfection from years of working together," described Quinlin. After only six months since their launch in May, Quinlin looks forward to expanding their collection and continuing to build relationships in the design community 00editorat-large Robert Hessler at Still House – New York Spaces Known as one of the most thoughtfully curated boutiques on the Lower East Side, Still House features the work of early and mid-career designers and artists. Robert Helsser’s understated yet warm ceramic vessels fit perfectly into Still House’s mix of minimal and organic work. In September New York Spaces featured Hessler’s ceramics in “Flawless Perfection.” Describing Hessler’s work editor Nicole Haddad writes, “[his] hand-thrown, one-of-a-kind porcelain vessels are the result of 22 years of trial and error, exploration of shape and color, chemistry, and improvisation.” Even after 22 years Hessler is still delighted and often surprised with final results, explaining “there are always elements you can't entirely control, the beauty lies in the imperfections and in the joy and excitement of discovery.” 00newyorkspaces_stillhouse_660 0 Claste – Interior Design Homes “Two architects and a sales exec walk into a studio…” is the opening sentence in “A Delicate Balance,” a full-page article in the September issue of Interior Design Homes, which presented the work of Claste. But don’t let the first sentence or the apparent simplicity of Claste’s work fool you; Interior Design Homes’ editor describes how the first collection, Tension, was conceived “as a give-and-take between fragility and stability” and “constructed from a deliberately narrow range of materials.” The article includes Claste’s classic photos of their work resting on a snow-covered field or perched on a frozen lake…did we mention they are Canadian? 00interiordesign_claste_660 o ZigZagZurich – Interior Design Homes In the spirit of the end of summer, which we always hate to see go, Interior Design homes featured the collaboration between ZigZagZurich and Sunny Todd Prints. Aptly titled wildest dreams, the article included colorful top-down photos of unmade beds that look like they were plucked straight out of a chic but fun beach house, each bed adorned with a different striped or polka-a-dot pattern. And, yes, we have imagined the beautiful pillow fights.  00interiordesign_zigzagzurich_660 o Action Method - Fast Company Design With almost ten years in the business Action Method notebooks have stood the test of time, particularly with artists and designers. Each page of the Action Method notebook is graphically divided into four categories: action steps, focus points, back burner, and general notations. In “A New Notebook for the Multi-Tasking Generation” Fast Co Design introduced the Reduced Action Book, “a monochromatic, branding-free take on the original, colorful notebook” launched by Ghostly. Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV describes the creation of the updated notebook, “we wanted to see how far the design could be reduced while maintaining what is exceptional about the product: the materials and their intention.” How very Dieter Rams of them! 00codesign

July Press Round Up

by nora on September 8, 2017

We admit that we are a little late on the July press round up (sigh, it’s already September)! So without further wait...
TL magazine highlighted Claste for their "New Brand Alert" feature. The piece showcases the studio's first collection, Tension, and the editor Rab Messina describes why that moniker is so well suited to the work, saying it's "basically as a game of tension between technical craftsmanship and artistry, glass and stone, lightness and sturdiness, fragility and stability." The featured work includes a quartzite chair and pedestal console that appear to float on triangle bases, clear glass and pink onyx lounge chairs and bench, and a table lamp in pale green onyx. Discussing the creation of these unique pieces, founders Philip Hazan, Quinlan Osborne and Martin Poitras note,“we are fairly certain that this process of adhering stone to glass is the first time anyone has ever used this procedure.”
In episode thirty-six of the Design Milk produced podcast Clever, Kikkerland’s founder Jan van der Lande tells the story of the company and his own journey, which started with an offbeat American mother raising sons in a rural area of the Netherlands. This now twenty-five year old company got of the ground after Jan moved to New York and began importing handcrafted products from the Neatherlands, which he then packed in his satchel and biked to shops around the city. Now available in stores across the globe and online, Kikkerland still produces all its products and is steadfast in its dedication to the lighthearted and quirky side of design. In the podcast, Jan describes an one of his biggest “ah ha” moments, when he was sourcing parts in China and a potential partner only filled orders of 200,000 or more (a full shipping container)! Never shy to a challenge, they placed the order and the huge-scale Kikkerland we know today set course.
Most well known for their gem-like lighting, design pair Gabriel Scott also makes simple yet still decidedly architectural coffee, side, and dining tables. Their Tensegrity coffee table was included in Interior Design’s article “8 Sleek New Tables With Angular Bases.” Handmade in their Montreal Studio, the table is constructed with two principal materials, a ½” tempered smoked-grey glass top and satin copper finish base and fittings.

June Press Round Up

by nora on July 14, 2017

With warming New York temperatures and beautiful sunny days, June was an exciting and busy month at WolfPR. Our clients graced the summer-focused features in titles like in Oprah magazine, Country Living, Real Simple, and Bon Appétit, to name a few. Below you’ll find three particularly exiting pieces of print press from June. -- 4Spaces – Interior Design Mag, cover WORK! Cover Girl! 4Spaces stands out among the textile industry, and is known for coupling traditional weaving techniques with alternative materials to create unique textiles, including cork, plastic fantastic, velvets, jacquards, sheers, satins, and micro-suetes. Flipping through the pages of Interior Design Magazine’s summer 2017 issue, it was clear that the editors couldn’t get enough of 4Spaces’ work, which was featured on the cover and in three features. On the cover and as the opening page to the Smoking Hot  editorial feature 4Spaces’ ultraviolet candy foil-printed polyester fabric appeared twice, as a surface covering and reflected in the bulbous curves of a blown glass bowl. Turning the page, a second stunning blown glass piece was framed by Liz Collins’s Feria cellulose-polyester wallpaper—its thin graphic lines distorted along the reflective surface. 4Spaces’ ultraviolet candy foil-printed polyester fabric was additionally featured in “jewel-tone gems – fashionable options, from foil to velvet,” which highlighted nine textiles and wall coverings. We’re not finished yet! Finally, creative director's  Michele Rondelli’s ceiling mounted mantra beads were highlighted as the standout item. These unique hand created pendants “add kaleidoscopic verve to any vertical space: Hung in front of a window, they will refract sunlight, projecting rainbow hues across the room.” The mantra jewels are individually hand made with resin and then knotted into pendants. id01     -- idx170501-XTR1_FEATURE         -- idx170501-XTR1_FEATURE     -- idx170501-XTR1_FAB_08 hhhh hhhh ZigZagZurich – Domino At the helm of innovative Italian textile company 4Spaces and its lifestyle brand ZigZagZurich, Michele Rondelli is known for his keen sense of color and space. Rondelli's architecture and design background shows in the simple and graphic Ginza Cotten Throw, which he designed for ZigZagZurich. Available in four color combinations this bold throw was highlighted in Domino's Summer 2017 "feel good" issue. Photographed by Marcus Nilson, Rondelli's bright blue and yellow combination was featured as the full-page backdrop for the summer blanket article -"Nice Throw – Think of an outdoor blanket as your own little patch of paradise: Unfurl, kick back, and soak up summer." zzz         hhhhh uuuuuuu Gabriel Scott – Surface Issue 139 of Surface Magazine, June/July 2017, included Luman Lust, a seven-page article showcasing twenty-one elegant and innovative light fixtures from designers around the world. As editor Lily Wan describes, the featured pieces “animate the room and tease the imagination.” Featured in a half-page image, Gabriel Scott’s Myriad chandelier was selected by Surface to be part of this diverse and cutting edge group. Noting the unique characteristics of the Myriad chandelier, Wan writes, “[it] recalls natural forms, like branches or bioluminescent organisms, as much as it does fine jewelry.” Untitled-2   klj ooooo ooooo