Media Outreach

Wolf PR has extensive contacts with editors, writers and freelancers with leading magazines, newspapers, and online magazines and blogs that lead to regular editorial features and increased brand presence. Outreach occurs on an ongoing basis through phone, email and informal get togethers.


Press Materials

Press kits, which include a press release, a company bio/profile and any additional collateral materials or visual aids, are often the first impression an editor will get of a company. Wolf PR aims to create press releases that are concise, engaging to read and consistently well designed. Wolf PR strongly believes in the power of good design, as well designed press materials are more engaging. This extra engagement means the reader will spend more time with the press materials, extra seconds which can translate to more frequent press coverage.

The traditional press release is starting to become less effective in the eyes of many media professionals, as a result of an increasingly digital world. While Wolf PR still believes the press release still has great value, we aim to stay current through a variety of new approaches, taking into account the unique tastes of individual editors and tailoring press materials and methods to each.


Event Planning

For a launch party, new exhibition or other event, Wolf PR coordinates a press preview hour, invites and follows up with the media to ensure there is adequate coverage of the event, showroom or product launched.


Trade Show Support, Market Tabloid and Award Submissions

Trade Shows have their own needs, both with new press materials and booth presence. Wolf PR has worked with clients aiding them with ICFF, NeoCon, Salone, and NYIGF. Awards submissions are lengthy and comprised of many parts, which Wolf PR can fill out and track progress of to ensure completion before their due dates.


Copy Writing

Wolf PR has developed copy for press materials, product descriptions, and social media and web site elements. Wolf PR understands the importance of SEO, while writing compelling copy that will successfully engage readers.